Why Gizmott is a better alternative to Vimeo?

Why Gizmott is a better alternative to Vimeo?

Video content management is becoming a rapidly evolving business since covid has taken a grip in the present day. According to the latest reports, 92% of companies believe in digital transformation as their operations are revolved around online strategies, and 95% among them are looking for new methods to engage customers with useful content, especially videos.

Vimeo is a video content management platform used these days. Let us discuss some points to reinforce the scope of Vimeo initially and will also examine why certain platforms can be considered as a better alternative to Vimeo.

Vimeo is one of the video streaming platforms many customers use it. Many customers onboard with Vimeo because of the low start price advertised on the website. However, when it comes to OTT streaming and apps, many customers want to move away from Vimeo due to high pricing and lack of flexibility.  However, the pricing is higher and promoted as a doorway for the small-scale creative industry. For scalable and reliable businesses, Vimeo is not the optimal solution. Vimeo cannot be integrated with internal business applications, and also reported having several glitches that disrupted the quality of streaming. Adding to the above points are the limited searchability features and the never ceased automatic renewal of Vimeo’s subscription.

If videos or live streaming is your core product, think about Gizmott. Gizmott is the next-gen OTT platform that includes highly customized apps for mobiles and smart TVs, subscription management, ad monetization, analytics, live streaming, eCommerce, and much more. Sharing a glimpse of our crucial features:

  • Gizmott is not just a video streaming platform, rather the complete next-gen OTT platform with support for all popular devices including iOS & Android mobiles, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, LG, Samsung, Apple TV, Android TV, and Web.
  • Our OTT platform can be integrated and customized according to the varying business requirements, offering reliable and scalable solutions that fit into the medium and large-scale businesses offering video streaming services and related domains.
  • We propose a cost-effective model. Lower upfront price and usage-based monthly pricing will enable you to take a position in content generation and marketing.
  • Flexible monetization models – Monetize content with SVOD, AVOD, TVOD or mix and match to best suit your business plan. Our AVOD monetization comes with built-in SSP with all Ad tech components and direct access to Demand. Our monetization specialists will work with you to make sure persistent revenue augmentation.
  • Gizmott dashboard and analytics delivers a whole panorama of business health and includes elaborated reports on Revenue, Subscription, User Engagement, User Retention, Video Analytics, User Demographics across all platforms.
  • Gizmott is the first OTT platform with eCommerce. It’s a pre-integrated solution to launch live commerce in e-commerce stores with influencer live streams, shoppable videos, and shoppable ads. Moreover, it is incorporated with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, Squarespace, Magneto, comprising 60% of e-commerce stores.

The above-discussed points provide insights on why Gizmott is a better option compared to other ott platforms. It is an alternative to Vimeo and provides affordable services with better live streaming capacities. Get in touch with us for an improved user experience.

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