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With Flixbuy JS player and SDKs, enable video shopping in your apps and Websites

Deliver high-performing shopping experiences
Build the perfect brand experience around your products, and customize it for your consumers.
Launch a Live TV
Launch a live TV channel by scheduling all your Live events and videos and create a TV channel page in your apps and websites.
Livestream to Social Media Platforms
Gizmott lets you integrate social media platforms with your live streaming platform and broadcast live content to your followers.
Influencer Live events with direct checkout
with Flixbuy HTNL5 player and SDKs,Launch a TV channel page in your apps and websites with option to quick checkout
Robust Analytics
Track your customer engagement and grow revenue with actionable insights that are easy to understand analytics.
Seamless Checkouts
Integrate interactive checkout flows to keep customers engaged and buying more.

Reach millions of smart tv users via Flixbuy partner network

With our Flixbuy enabled OTT partner apps and Fast channels your live events and videos will be streamed to millions of smart tv viewers with quick checkout option

Launch a Live Influencer Event and stream everywhere

Distribution of videos to your social media network and our partner streaming apps with instant shopping capability.

Sell using influencer videos and storytelling videos

With our streaming services partner network and shoppable video capability, we will ensure high engagement and conversion rate.

Enjoy the power of Shoppable Ads

Our Smart Shoppable Ad Technology ensures high conversion rate while giving user a number of options to purchase from instantly.

Start a Live and VOD TV Shopping channel

Launch and distribute your shopping channel on your website, apps, and in our OTT distribution network reaching millions of audiences.

Enable instant Sales with our integrated Shoppable Video Platform

Enable instant Sales with our integrated Shoppable Video Platform

With our integrated platform shoppers will be able to make instant purchase while watching video , advertisement or Live event

Pre Built Integrations & Connect with any e-commerce platform via APIs

Launch a video shopping store by Easy integrations with SDKs

Stream to millions of social media audience directly from Flixbuy

Sell via our smart tv partner network

Sell via our smart tv partner network

Our OTT distribution partner networks will help you reach your Live stream and Influencer videos to millions of smart TV audiences. Our proprietary technology enables the viewers to shop instantly from smart TVs.