Architect scalable Data Management Platforms

With domain experience that is second to none, we develop enterprise applications helping clients to drive business using digital platforms.

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Data Collection / Integration
Easily collect first-party audience data in one place
Data Segmentation
Create actionable segments of the audience data
Data Analysis
Understand the impact of the marketing initiatives
Data Transfer
Work seamlessly with the largest Ad networks
Identity Management
Manage identity of existing consumers and prospects
Scale to millions of data points and analyze all in real-time

Our DMP’s offer the below

Advanced Technologies

Tag Management

This enables to monitor all of the tags that fire off, providing a control interface for secure data transfer, latency, and tag monitoring.

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Robust Features

Data Segmentation

Ability to achieve audience segmentation. A dashboard that allows to slice and compare data by taxonomy, segment, campaign or ROI.

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Media Integration

Ability to share audience segments with Ad networks, trading desks, portals, and DSPs to serve targeted Ads in real time.

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Campaign Analytics

A one-stop dashboard to measure and compare campaign performance for specific audiences across digital channels.

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Audience Analytics

Clear insights on user performance and measure how users interact with campaigns and which channels deliver the highest ROI.

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Audit / Governance

Analyze, identify & implement the best governance and process model that aligns with the company / team culture.

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